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This page is to pay tribute to the school the late Honorable Judge Lorenzo Patiño founded, a once prominent institution within the Sacramento legal community, as well as its associates and founders, many of whom still serve the community in various degrees. Additionally this site will provide information on the importance of a career in the legal field and the paths available to achieve it.

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Whether you are interested in a law degree or a paralegal certificate, having a career in the legal field is great choice and a very fulfilling one too.

About Patiño Law School

The school was established in 1983 by Patiño, fellow attorneys, and law students, to create one of the most affordable law schools and paralegal programs in California while maintaining high academic standards. This was meant to be a school for individuals that aspired for a career in law, either as lawyers  or legal assistants, without the expensive price tag that usually came with it.

patino law school The school provided night classes for their four-year, 2-year curriculum, and 1-year paralegal certification programs to better accommodate their students that had to work full-time jobs while enrolled in the school.

Another aspect that distinguished the school’s legal education from others, is their dedicated staff and faculty members that consisted of judges and practicing attorneys. This helped bring real world case studies into the classroom as well as encouraged discussions on current legal cases between the teachers and students.

Unlike many other law schools in California, class sizes were traditionally kept small, ranging anywhere from 10 to 25 students per faculty member. This ratio helped students get a more personalized education experience and more one-on-one time with the professors regardless of how long they were enrolled for.

This commitment to excellence was what this school was founded on. The belief that each student was capable of a lot more than the LSAT scores they received was a key differentiator when prospective students decided on which school they wanted to get into.

General school facts:

  • Lorenzo Patiño served as its first Dean.
  • Leonard Padilla served as its last President.
  • Was licensed to grant Juris Doctor Degrees & Paralegal Certificates by the California State Bar.

Previous Addresses:
University of Northern California, Lorenzo Patiño School of Law
1012 J Street, Sacramento, CA 95814
Tel: (916) 441-4485

Additional address found online:
1115 H Street, Sacramento, CA 95814

Below are the school floor plans at J Street.

UNC Lorenzo Patino School of Law - First Floor

Plan diagram for the 1st floor.

The first floor housed the:

  • Registrar’s office
  • Leonard Padilla classroom
  • Dean of Students office
  • Law office
  • Thomas Davenport office
  • and Conference Room
UNC Lorenzo Patino School of Law - Second Floor

Plan diagram for the 2nd floor.

The second floor housed the:

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  • Law library
  • Judge Patiño classroom
  • D. Brace classroom
  • H. Smith classroom
  • and the computer/locker room:

Founders & Associates

  • Lorenzo Patiño – He was a greatly respected judge in Sacramento (one of the first Mexican-Americans appointed as such).  After graduating from UC Davis with a law degree, he was determined to make a change in the world and became an active force in the community. This included heavy involvement in local and state government, leading as the president of the Latino organization Concilio, as well as being a policy influencer and an adviser to President Carter on immigration issues.
    Sadly, his life was cut short by the horrible disease leukemia, a few years after establishing this school. At the young age of 35 he passed away, but not without making his mark on this world, and changing many people’s lives for the better, through his work, compaction, and many community contributions. To honor his legacy and contributions, UC Davis School of Law throws an annual banquet in his name.
  • Leonard Padilla – Without a doubt one of Sacrament’s most interesting people (if not the whole of California). Besides residing as the Chairman of the Board of Trustees for the Lorenzo Patiño Law School as well as its President, he is a respected Bounty Hunter, running his own chain of bail bonds through out the state, a regularly sought after by the news and media for his expertise in various cases, including the high profile Caylee Anthony case in 2008, and above all, a stand up, straight shooter, kind of guy.
  • Heman Smith
  • Douglas Nareau
  • Danny Brace, Jr.

Law Schools

As of May 2011, California became the state with the most employed lawyers, with an average annual salary of $156,570. This alone proves that law schools in CA are some of the best in the country. If you’re considering taking your education further, it won’t be so bad if you’re prepared to move West.

Hearing the positive accounts from people who have went to a law school in Sacramento, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and San Diego area, is almost always good enough to get one excited, but you you also have to consider other factors. There are many points that you should consider and think through before making a choice.

We have detailed the importance of getting into the best law schools in California here, and will soon make a list of the top affordable ones for students that are less fortunate financially. In the mean time check out our guide on how to get law school scholarships to help pay your tuition.

A law degree should not be unattainable to those that have a passion and desire to serve the law and justice. We will make sure to list various options for you to select from to get your juris doctor degree. Some will be available through an online university, while others will be via traditional colleges.

Paralegal Programs

There are many local paralegal programs available today. Being a paralegal is not something many can do, so be proud of that fact. It requires its own skill and diligence to be successful at it, you just have to make sure you choose the right school to fit your level of commitment.

And with the advent of the internet being ubiquitous with every passing year, many of them, that were only available in-class by top quality universities, are slowly being available online via elearning technologies, a feature that even traditional schools are starting to implement as part of their Learning Management System portal.

We will discuss the many certification programs to become a certified paralegal in California as well as what are the duties of a paralegal in the first place, and how long does it take to be a legal assistant.


The Patiño Law School is out of business. If you need to get in contact with the school for any reason, please use the address and phone number provided above. They are the last information that was available for the school online.

Note: This site is in no way associated with the school.

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